The Farris Bridge project in Larvik, Norway, was awarded Best Outdoor Project in the 2020 Norwegian Lighting Awards! The Norwegian Lighting Prize is the most generous honorary award for lighting design and lighting products in Norway and is awarded annually under the patronage of the non-profit organization Lyskultur.

The judges chose the Farris Bridge for its refined and elegant execution of presenting three-dimensional architecture in a two-dimensional illusion using lighting effects. The lighting is consistent and precisely applied to complex geometric forms and roadways with a small margin for error. The cold lighting on the outside of the bridge contrasts with the warm lighting between the columns creating a sense of security. The bridge is subtly lit giving it a luminescent appearance.

The concrete towers of the bridge extend 70 meters above the Farris waterway, illuminated by GVA Lighting’s FL100™ MONO 4000K luminaires. FL100™ MONO luminaires with tight 7° beam angles trace the lines of stay cables that are highlighted arching across the 120 meter expanse of the middle portion of the bridge. All GVA luminaires were configured with AC power input eliminating the need for extra power supplies and reducing the complexity of the installation.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this project! It takes a great team to create an impressive and timeless installation as this and we are honored to have been a part of it.

Partner: Rebel Light

Customer: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Lighting Design / Electrical Engineering: Rambøll Group AS

Architect: L2 Architects

Installer: VVB Nordic and SET Elektro