All New FL100 – Series Overview

FL100 - The Most Advanced Architectural Spot and Flood Light

Series Overview:
  • Over 9,200 delivered lumen output (Monochromatic ELV)
  • Extremely compact in size
  • Weight of only 5.0kg (11lbs)
  • Advanced thermal design with cutting-edge manufacturing process and materials
  • Highly adjustable with 360° horizontal rotation and 240° vertical rotation
  • IP66 sealed body design
  • Meets 3G ANSI C136.31-2010 Vibration standard for Bridge and Overpass Applications
  • INFINITY® Technology compatible (INF)
  • Through-wire design with dedicated input and output connectors for all models
  • Custom LED color combinations available from LED selection of FL100 Monochromatic
  • Up to 3x higher light output using COLOR-AMP™ Technology (RGBW-IM)
  • Built-in high temperature power supply (AC)
  • Two Body Colors: Clear Matte & Black Matte
  • Beam angles ranging from 4.5° to 80° with elliptical distribution options.
  • Optical accessories for glare control
  • Mounting accessories for surface, wall and pole
  • ELV (48VDC), INFINITY and AC (85-264VAC) power options

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  • Over 9,200 lumens delivered (ELV)
  • 36 monochromatic LEDs
  • Beam angle as narrow as 4.5°
  • White color temperature choices of 2200K to 6500K
  • Specialty colors such as Royal Blue, Amber and more available


  • Ideal for Applications where Color Accuracy is Critical
  • Up to 3x higher light output using COLOR-AMP™ Technology
  • Color mixing inside of the fixture
  • No color separation
  • Perfect Color even at minimum distance
  • Top choice for close wall washing and wall grazing
  • Color output matched to STR9 RGBW
  • 18 RGBW LED diodes


  • Ideal for applications where powerful color changing light is neccesary
  • 36 LEDs in total
  • 9 LEDs per color
  • Beam angle as narrow as 4.5°
  • Custom color combination available
  • Customizable WHITE (2200K to 6500K)


  • Coming Soon

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