If you are familiar with the lighting industry, then you are almost certainly familiar with mondo arc magazine. Lovely people behind this medium are organizing their second annual lighting awards event called the “darc awards” that will be happening on Sept. 15 at MC Motors just outside of  London, UK. GVA Lighting will be participating not only as a contestant but also as a sponsor. We were paired up with Lighting Designers from Lighting Design Collective and together are among 16 teams that will be showcasing their lighting installations during the event.

darc night however, is just the final piece of the project where the awards will be given to the best products, projects and events from various categories. The key part of the awards is the voting process itself and it is happening now!

If you are a lighting designer or a lighting artists, you are allowed to vote on the darc awards website until August 8, 2016. If you are not a lighting designer or a lighting artist, but you know one, help us by sharing this post as well as the message about the contest.

GVA Lighting is directly competing in the Technology category with COLOR-AMP™ and in the Exterior fixtures category with the FL100 series.

You can vote for COLOR-AMP™ here and for FL100 here.

Our fixtures are also represented in three shortlisted projects. Interactive Luminous Veil as a part of the PEV bridge that was illuminated last year with our STR9® RGB is competing in the best “High Budget Light Art Scheme” category and Nargiza Design submitted two projects called “12” and “Outsiders” in the “Low Budget Light Art Schemes” categories, both of which are using our IP-SF fixtures.