STR9 Series

STR9 Series

High power linear luminaries available in RGBW, RGBA, DWT, and Monochromatic varieties.

Rated for outdoor environments and high vibration settings to meet your architectural application needs.

Proprietary sealing process, architectural grade anodized aluminum housing, and optically clear tempered glass ensure a long luminaire lifetime.

Taking advantage of GVA’s technologies: COLOR-AMP, INFINITY, and UNIBODY.

FL Series

FL Series

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Highlighter Series

Highlighter Series

The highlighter series of luminaires is a modular, direct view system available in 300mm (1ft) long segments, and offering an assortment of mounting profile and diffuser options.

Learn more about our Highlighter Direct View (HL-DL) or Highlighter for cove applications (HL-Cove).

STR9®W Luminaire

New STR9®W

This brand new member of the STR9® Family boasts in 2000 lumens per foot.

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Stéphanie Square in Brussels

These prestigious buildings at Stéphanie Square, Brussels, Belgium were recently outfitted

with GVA FL50 RGBW and STR9® RGBW Luminaires.

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