International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is organizing Enlighten Americas conferences on an annual basis. This year, the conference took place in  mostly sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and we can report that it couldn’t be any better.

Enlighten conferences, including IALD ENLIGHTEN EUROPE next month that we are also visiting, are always a great mix of educating seminars, networking sessions as well as a great hospitality. It is the right forum to talk about the future and challenges of the lighting industry and to learn about upcoming trends and technologies.

As in the previous years, GVA Lighting participated as a bronze sponsor of the event and in return, we were given a chance to talk to the foremost Lighting Designers from North and South America about their needs and to gain valuable feedback as part of the Crosstalk session.

We would like to thank IALD, other sponsors and everyone making the event possible and we are excited to see you again next year in Denver.