Wrapping up this year’s event schedule for us at GVA was IIDEX 2015, Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference. IIDEX is an annual show that focuses on all areas of design including workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, residential, architecture, lighting and sustainability. It regularly attracts international trade attendees including interior designers, architects, property managers, landscape architects, facility managers, builders, developers, real estate, suppliers, government, media, creative thinkers and corporate clients.

Celebrating 31 years this year, IIDEXCanada was hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, conveniently close  to our home base. Participating at a local show had numerous benefits for us. One of them was showing guests how many of our projects they see every day without knowing GVA Lighting is powering them. Another benefit was that our employees who worked hard to make all this year’s shows happen were actually able to witness one first hand by attending the unique event. 

As our options were either go big or go home, and we were already home, we decided to go big for this trade show. Our exhibit consisted of four triangles measuring 10 meters in height, that were washed by the STR9® series fixtures, all with different colours. The fixtures on the inside of the triangles had four unique monochromatic colours – Lime, Deep Red, Red Orange and PC Amber, and this was the first time we were showing them to the public. Another first was the STR9® Mono on the rear outer side of the triangles consisting of two alternating LED colours- Red and Amber- to replicate the oriental sunset.

Our goal at IIDEX 2015 was to show the capabilities of the INFINITY® technology and its flexibility in various applications. The 10 meter high upright linear lights, using the INFINITY® technology powered by just one power supply, only showcased 1/30th of the abilities in length it has with the HIGHLIGHTER® or STR9® fixtures.

We want to thank all the guests who stopped by, whether they were interested in our products or were just curious to find out more about our booth or simply take photos. We will continue inventing new booth designs as well as new innovative lighting products in order to create new beauty for our home planet. See you at our next show in 2016.