Professional Lighting Design Convention or as many know it – PLDC, just finished its 5th instalment last week and what a success it was. We at GVA Lighting took the opportunity and decided to come up with something different this year. We wanted a concept of a stand that would not only show off the products “in their best light” but would also add an artistic aspect to the installation. As you can see from the photo gallery above, we designed a cube that was outlined by our HIGHLIGHTER® products and filled with a white rope measuring 300 meters – the same length as our longest INFINITY® lighting run. The rope was lit by the new STR9® RGBW fixtures mounted on the perimeter.

Judging by the feedback of the guests, this years PLDC was a great success. We want to thank everyone who stopped by our stand as well as the organizers for preparing a very educational and promotional event in the iconic capital of Italy, Rome. We are looking forward to the next one.

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