LLA Luxembourg Architecture Award 2019 results have been announced! Passerelle Pont Adolphe was awarded the winning title in the category of “Civil Engineering Structures”. Château de Koerich received special mention in the category of “Landscape Architecture & Outdoor/Public Spaces”.

Congratulations to all the individuals and organizations involved in making these projects a possibility, in particular CBA Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes and Maria Luisa Guerrieri Gonzaga (ArchitecturaLLighting Conception Lumière) for their work to create the vision for Passerelle Pont Adolphe and to Fabreck Architectes group and NEY + Partners and Architectural Lighting Conception Lumière for their designs for Château de Koerich.

Both projects were challenged with improving the functionality of historic landmarks while preserving the cultural integrity and heritage of the architecture. GVA Lighting is extremely proud to have provided the luminaires to highlight the unique designs of both structures.

Links to announcements on the LLA Luxembourg Architecture Award site:

Passerelle Pont Adolphe

Château de Koerich