51 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, Canada | FL™ RGB

51 Hanna Avenue is distinguished by its unique features, including a pair of tall brick chimneys which stand as local Toronto landmarks. Located at the southeast corner of Hanna Avenue and Snooker Street, the property contained the 20th century Hinde and Dauch Paper Company and Irwin Toy Limited and is an integral part of the former industrial enclave developed southeast of King Street West and Dufferin Street. 51 Hanna Avenue was recently designated as a cultural heritage interest under the Toronto Preservation Board, as the site is a representative example of early 20th century industrial architecture. The pair of chimneys are illuminated using GVA Lighting’s FL™ RGB flood lights to draw attention to 51 Hanna’s distinct architecture and heritage. A total of 10 high power colour changing flood lights were used to project high intensity light onto the chimneys brick surfaces. Typical applications for the FL™ RGB include flood and facade lighting, building illumination, up lighting, back lighting and accent lighting. The project was specified by Rutenburg Sales and designed by Ion Luh of Crossey Engineering Ltd and Grey Stone Design. 51 Hanna Avenue has since been converted into a commercial development, including retail stores, restaurants and offices.

Engineering: Crossey Engineering Ltd

Design: Chimney Lighting