Bota Solar, Place Rogier, Brussels, Belgium

Bota Solar is an innovative commercial building located in Brussels, Belgium, opposite the monument to Xaveer de Geyter on Place Rogier. With sustainability at its core, Bota Solar incorporates a 3-storey solar feature on top of the unassuming concrete building, which generates solar energy.

The 200sqm of commercial space has been created through a renovation project of a 70s office building. The field of solar panels is raised above the main structure, sitting atop a metal frame that the roof panels are suspended on. The glass solar panels allow for light to pass through the canopy, making it more visually appealing and intriguing to look at.

Specialist lighting distributor Euroka SRL was recommended for the project, having delivered a stunning result for The Hotel Brussels. Euroka SRL also fulfilled the role of project designer, while Intrel SRL were appointed as contractors for the Bota Solar.

When Euroka SRL were brought into the project, the Bota Solar already had a number of lighting fixtures in place to illuminate the canopy. However, the client was unhappy with the aesthetics. The light output was too low, and there was too much distance between fixtures, resulting in lights in blocks rather than a streamlined look.

To resolve this, Euroka SRL were briefed to install a high-power fixture that was dimmable, and could fit inside the canopy while providing a continuous line of lighting.

Euroka SRL specified and delivered a number of solutions from their partner, GVA Lighting to achieve this.

GVA Lighting’s STR9-SLIM-CM-10W 300mm was selected, in 3000K. The STR9-SLIM is an extremely compact monochromatic linear wall washing and grazing LED lighting solution. With the ability to provide an uninterrupted length of light, with the LED pitch maintained between luminaires, it meets the needs of the Bota Solar building.

A variety of different sizes have been installed to ensure the canopy is illuminated around its entire boundary – 1500mm, 1200mm, 900mm and 600mm.

The client has now realised their vision for this pioneering project, matching the high-quality lighting with the technologically advanced building.

Project Designer: Euroka SRL

Partner: Euroka SRL

Contractor: Intrel SRL

Images: : Courtesy of Euroka SRL