Williams Crossing, Tulsa, OK, USA


Bridging the Ark – A Symphony of Art and Science at Williams Crossing

Emerging as a striking feature on Tulsa’s evolving riverfront, the Williams Crossing pedestrian bridge embodies a fusion of functionality and cutting-edge design. Crafted as the United States’ first multi-steel arch bridge, this structure is a bold architectural statement linking the east side’s Gathering Place with the west bank of the Arkansas River.

The bridge is a centerpiece of Tulsa’s Zink project, designed to transform the riverfront into a dynamic hub for recreation and social interaction. This initiative not only connects geographical points but also weaves a tapestry of accessible, engaging outdoor spaces that punctuate the city’s commitment to innovative urban development.

The design of the bridge is a collaborative effort between Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, who led the landscape architecture and overall design, and Schlaich Bergermann Partner (sbp), responsible for the structural engineering.

The lighting design was crafted by Domingo Gonzales Associates. In collaboration with GVA Lighting and sales representative Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions, the following products were specified and shipped for this project:

· 2620 Linear feet of HIGHLIGHTER ® GEN 4 COLOR CHANGING COVE OUTDOOR Luminaries installed in custom profile featuring antivibration pads

· 4x PDC-GEN 5 Power-Data Units

· 4x 6kw INFINITY® Power Supplies

Harnessing the power of GVA’s INFINITY® technology, we achieved over 650 feet per run for the luminaries with a single output from the PDCs. The installation was incredibly clean and efficient, with all four PDCs strategically placed at the ends of the bridge. Additionally, each INFINITY® power supply operates at only about 54% utilization, highlighting the system’s efficiency. Enabled by our COLOR-STREAM® and COLOR-AMP® technology, the lighting designer can achieve silky smooth color dimming and changing effects, along with punchy outputs. With the products supplied, a 5-foot pixel size is selected, making detailed dynamic scene effects readily achievable.

Williams crossing, alongside the new Zink Lake is scheduled to open on Labor Day Weekend 2024.

Client: City of Tulsa

Landscape Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc

Structural Engineer: Schlaich Bergermann Partner

Lighting Designer: Domingo Gonzales Associates

GVA Rep: Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions