Cannon Theatre, Toronto, Canada | STR8®  IP-SF-3™

Canon Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada designed by renowned Theatre Architect Thomas Lamb was originally opened in 1920 under that mane “Pantages”. With its 3373 seats the Pantages was the largest and most elegant theatre in Canada. The years ahead saw many changes to the theatre, even a conversion to a 6 screen multiplex before being restored to its original format in 1989. Nearly 100 years after its birth, the recently re-christened Canon theatre received a contemporary lighting update with GVA Lighting LED Luminaires.

Above the box seats, the opulently detailed arches are highlighted by cove mounted STR8 LED Strip Luminaires, truly making the intricate gold detail shine. These STR8 Luminaires are fully dimmable so as not to steal the show and are controlled with the rest of the theatre lighting setup.

Canon Theatre also features regular use of stained glass detail for decor and for signage. To show the true beauty of the stained glass, another GVA Product, the IP-SF LED module is used. The IP-SF modules backlight the stained glass making it appear as though the sun is always shining though.

Both of these lighting solutions provide ideal light output and generate wonderful visual effects fitting for one of the most elegant theatres in Canada.