CareSource HQ, Dayton, Ohio


CareSource, a leading provider of member-centric health care coverage, has been transforming the lives of its 2 million members across six states since 1989. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with a growing workforce of 4,500, CareSource is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of its members by offering innovative health and life services. The company’s mission is to make a lasting difference in its members’ lives, and its vision is to continue transforming lives through cutting-edge services and solutions.  

Schuler Shook collaborated with BHDP Architecture and the CareSource Facilities Engineering team on an exciting façade lighting upgrade project for CareSource HQ in Dayton. BHDP is the original architect for the building, and it was up to Schuler Shook to update and modernize the façade lighting. For part of their work, GVA Lighting luminaires were chosen.  

Some of the existing façade lighting elements had stopped working and were outdated. Schuler Shook replaced them with more modern direct-view GVA Lighting luminaires and added additional elements to tie the overall look together. The project began in early 2021, and due to long manufacturing lead-times and weather conditions, installation was completed quickly in July of 2023, within two to three months.  

For this project, the team at Schuler Shook utilized the GVA Highlighter Series HL-1200-RGBW-HO with a round diffuser. BHDP served as the project architect while Schuler Shook was responsible for the lighting design. The results speak for themselves, as the CareSource Headquarters now has a clean, modern look with its updated façade lighting elements.  

Project Architects: BHDP Architects

Lighting Design: Schuler Shook