Château de Koerich, Koerich, Luxembourg | STR9® RGBW, STR9® MONO, FL50™ RGBW-IM, and LIRA™ MONO

FABECKARCHITECTES group and NEY + Partners teamed up to enhance the environment of the Château de Koerich in Luxembourg while maintaining the 12th century castle’s charm and having minimal impact on the structure itself. After the second half of the 18th century the castle fell into disrepair and became a ruin but today the Luxembourg state owns and maintains the building to serve as a tourist attraction and venue for concerts and events. The need to add a covering for events resulted in the installation of a canopy over the outdoor stage area that respects the history of the venue and brings in an increase of events and tourism to appreciate it.

Lighting design by architecturaLLighting firm brings exterior-grade GVA luminaires into the picturesque venue to accentuate and highlight the unique cultural space. Evening programs are now complemented by color changing STR9® RGBW and FL50 RGBW luminaires on the stage. STR9® MONO and LIRAMONO luminaires in 2700K white configurations produce a warm and inviting appearance to the exposed walkways and balconies. All luminaires are configured with anodized black matte finish for this project to harmonize with the rustic charm of the castle and are outfitted with optic control hardware to minimize glare in the intimate space.

GVA Lighting is honored to be involved in the preservation and improvement of this historic building which received a special mention in the 2019 Luxembourg Architecture Awards.


Architects:  NEY + Partners

Lighting Design: architecturaLLighting

Partner: Sipel Sarl