Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York City, USA | STR9® Mono, STR8®, DUCAT-IV™

The Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York, NY – originally constructed in 1882 has recently undergone a remarkable restoration inside and out. With such incredible work done to bring the structure and finish of the church back to its original state by Thomas A. Fenniman Architect, no ordinary lighting design would suffice. Tim Hunter Design was hired to design and execute a lighting plan that could truly highlight the church’s remarkable structure and details. Part of THD’s lighting design included GVA Lighting luminaires.

GVA Lighting’s STR9®, STR8® and DUCAT-IV™ luminaires are used in various places throughout the church’s interior; including the apse and behind the altar to illuminate murals and provide back lighting for the altar and pieta statue, as well as highlighting of the church’s pipe organ. GVA fixtures were chosen for these applications for their compact size, making them easy to hide and their superb energy efficiency.

The overall result is a beautifully highlighted space of incredible grandeur and detail; a testament to the original 19th century structure and those who worked to bring it into the 21st.

For more information on the Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York, NY, please visit their web site:

credits to: Thomas A. Fenniman; Architect, Tim Hunter Design; Lighting Design and Production Resource Group LLC, The Dulanski Group; Agent
photos: Thomas A. Fenniman