CITYPARK Soccer Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri


A vibrant glow emanates from the heart of St. Louis’ Downtown West neighborhood. It’s the glow of CITYPARK soccer stadium. Home to the St. Louis City Soccer Club, this 22, 423-seat soccer-specific stadium demands both high performance and visual appeal. The source of this rich glow is not just the excitement of a good game, it’s also the innovative lighting solutions from GVA Lighting.  

The FL200™ RGBW-IM series is the perfect match, pun intended, for CITYPARK.  Equipped with COLOR-AMP® technology, the FLs deliver remarkable lumen output and a superb quality of color mixing light, and the creation of whatever mood is desired, and color accents within the stadium that can be changed to adapt to any event’s expectations with unparalleled accuracy. The FL200™ series is more than just a cosmetically beautiful light show.  

CITYPARK’s canopy design is the most extensive coverage in MLS, enhanced by GVA Lighting prominent FL200™ RGBW-IM flood lights with the 30x 60 ° and 90 ° beam angles illuminating the underside of the canopy, while visors hide the light source from the users of the stadium 

Mounted to canopy columns at the base, FL200™ RGBW-IM with the 60 ° and 40 ° uplighting the structure providing a dramatic spread of light for the entire column 

FL200™ fixtures are individually controlled to create, modify, and schedule custom lighting scenes to engage the visitors.  

We love seeing the symbiosis between sports and lighting reach new heights. At GVA Lighting, we are proud to have partnered with a major league sports venue like the MLS Stadium in St. Louis.  

Architect: HOK

Lighting Designer: ME Engineers/Illume