Dallas Airport, Texas, USA | Highlighter® DL, Pharos, PS-INF-2000

The Dallas Fort Worth Airport commenced a seven year Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program in 2010, starting with Terminals A and E. In Phase 1 of the renovations, over 375 feet of Highlighter® HL-DL RGB was installed on the exterior of Terminal A parking garage. The blue Highlighter® HL-DL can be seen from miles around, helping accent the architectural detail of the buildings surface. Highlighter® HL-DL is a modular LED lighting system for large scale installations. Typical applications include architectural delineation where long runs are necessary and limited power feeds are available. The Highlighter HL-DL features GVA Lighting’s proprietary power and control system, INFINITY®, which allows it be installed in exceptionally long runs, up to 672ft with a single power and data feed. The modules were installed and connected end-to-end to create the long linear runs along the exterior of the airport.