Deloitte Building, Montréal, Canada | HIGHLIGHTER® HL-DL & PDB-ELV Indoor

Situated between two Montreal landmarks, the Bell Centre and Windsor Station, Deloitte Tower is at the heart of a rapidly transforming community that integrates commercial, residential and entertainment venues into a vibrant urban landscape. The exterior lighting concept at the top of the tower, offers an added touch of beauty to this already astounding structure.

The lighting consisted of GVA’s HL-DL product, with over 2000ft of product mounted in vertical lines from the roof of the building. The system utilized DMX dimming to add a gradient fading effect from brighter at the top of the building then gradually decreasing in intensity to the bottom of each run.

Lighting design: Paul Boken

Lighting design: Mulvey & Banani

Contractor: Les Entreprises d’Électricité EG Ltée