Dieppe Gardens, Windsor, Canada | IP-SF-3™

Along the banks of the Detroit River in downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Dieppe Gardens is a popular park renowned for beautiful flowers and an excellent view of the Detroit skyline. The park is a memorial to the Essex Scottish Regiment, many of whom lost their lives when Canadian forces landed in Dieppe France in 1942 during the Second World War.

The center piece of the park is the Dieppe Gardens Peace Beacon; a fifty foot tall granite, glass and stainless steel clad structure. The stainless steel cladding on the west face of the tower is perforated with a custom design by Brooke MacIlroy Inc.|Pace Architects and is backlit with GVA Lighting’s IP-SF LED module.

The backlighting of the cladding makes it appear as though the pattern itself is glowing for a brilliant display. The IP-SF module is ideal for installations such as this because of its ability to operate outdoors and in extreme temperatures, its compact size, long life and minimal maintenance requirements.