The Discovery Bridge, Columbus, USA | FL200™ RGBW-IM & FL50™ RGBW-IM

Color-changing light produced by GVA Lighting’s FL200™ RGBW-IM and FL50™ RGBW-IM luminaires now surrounds The Discovery Bridge (formerly Broad Street Bridge) with a celebratory atmosphere, spanning the dark divide of the Scioto River that separates downtown Columbus from its Franklinton neighborhood. The halo of festive light generates greater connectivity between the districts for the particular benefit of bikers and pedestrians utilizing the walkways throughout the area.

FL™ Series RGBW-IM products are ideally suited for this bridge application. They are certified for high vibration environments and IP66 rated against water ingress. The inner-mixing optics create perfectly uniform light directly adjacent to the luminaire, ideal for grazing the piers. Enabled by COLOR-AMP® Technology these luminaires utilize all available power and achieve up to three times higher lumen output in specific colors. The AC input voltage option simplifies the installation and removes the need for installing power supplies. With four size options to choose from, the designers were able to select the required wattage for each section of this project, ensuring the perfect amount of light is distributed to each of the bridge’s architectural features.

This flawless lighting installation is a significant embellishment of Columbus’ downtown core, sure to enhance the commuting conditions and attract admiration for years to come.

Customer: Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Specifier: Stantec

System Integrator: LIVE! Technologies

Photographer: Clinton Weaver Photography