Emmanuval Silks, Thrissur, India | Ducat-IV™

Emmanuval Silks is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of fine garment textiles based in India. Emmanuval Silks boast the world’s greatest wedding collection and also offers clothing for all other occasions and customers.

Emmanuval Silks’ showroom in Thrissur, India features energy efficient LED Lighting by GVA. More than 100 DUCAT-IV adjustable recessed downlights are used to illuminate the enormous variety of fabrics in the showroom. Not only is the DUCAT-IV energy efficient (only 5W), also, a variety of available LED color temperatures means that the right light can be chosen to truly bring out the color in the fabrics. Additionally, the LED Light sources do not generate any heat helping to keep the retail environment cool and comfortable for customers.