Fairview Rosemount Clinic, Minnesota, USA | STR8®

Fairview Health Services is a healthcare organization operating in the state of Minnesota in the Unites States. Fairview Health Services is comprised of 7 hospitals, 48 primary care clinics, 6 urgent care clinics and a variety of specialty facilities. The Fairview Rosemount Clinic is a Primary care center equipped for such services as regular check-ups to chronic disease management.

The Fairview Rosemount clinic uses GVA Lighting’s STR8® LED Strip Luminaires for certain applications such as work area /under cabinet lighting. LED Lighting is important for healthcare applications because LEDs do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury, nor do they generate ultraviolet or infrared radiation, both of which can have negative effects on many chemical compounds used in medicine. Not only is the STR8® discrete, energy efficient and low maintenance, it is also a safer luminaire.