KabelMedia Brabant Gelderland, Oss, Holland | STR9® Mono

KBG is a local provider for internet, television and telecommunication. Not only are they a service provider, they also supply the necessary cable works for the technical infrastructure.

The building, located in the city of Oss, Holland was built in 2007 and is quite unique in many ways, including the mortar free brick façade. To make the building even more unique, the plan of the architect was to put lighting down the walls to create the effect of a building which is coming up out of the ground. One 1200mm STR9® Luminaire with 2.5W Green LEDs and elliptical beam optics is mounted at each brick column in order to graze the bricks with the green light. Due to the approximately 50º longitudinal angle of the elliptical beam, the window frames are also accentuated and add to the total effect. With the light also falling on the ground around the building the vision of the architect is achieved; the building appears to be coming out of the ground.