Kalvøybroa Bridge, Bærum, Norway | HL-DL MONO and FL25™ RGBW-IM

The suspension bridge connects the island of Kalvøya to Kadettangen peninsula just outside of Sandvika, Bærum in Norway, in the inner Oslofjord. It has been supporting foot traffic to the island since 1963 to enjoy its popular beaches, walking trails, and many music festivals.

Its 100m expanse is now decorated by more than 250m of 4000K Monochromatic HL-DL luminaires with direct-view round diffusers and FL25 RGBW-IM spot lights to bathe the concrete pillars in festive color-changing light.

Partner: Rebel Light

Lighting Designer: Petter Kristiansen in Veilyskompetanse AS

Customer: Bærum Municipality