La Casa Del Habano, Toronto, Canada | STR8®

La Casa Del Habano is an exclusive retailer of many cigar brands; in particular, fine Cuban cigars. In their store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, La Casa Del Habano uses GVA Lighting’s STR8® LED Strip Luminaire to illuminate their prestigious products.

Each shelf in the store has a run of STR8® Luminaires mounted underneath, illuminating the products on the shelf below. The LED light sources do not generate any heat and therefore are ideal for this application as they will not bake the cigars and dehydrate them. Also, the STR8s in La Casa Del Habano feature a custom alternating pattern of cool white and warm white LEDs; six cool white and six warm white LEDs per 300mm (1ft.) allowing for a broader spectrum which better renders the color of the cigars to the human eye.