Labin's Šoht, Labin, Croatia | FL200™ MONO, STR9® COLOR CHANGING, STR9® SLIM MONO


The High Steel Tower of Šohta is a striking monument to the Labin region’s rich mining history.

It once operated as a lift to carry miners and materials in and out of the Labin Cave. The tower stands 32.5 meters (106.6 ft) above the ground and serviced tunnels 570 meters (1,870 ft) below the surface. As part of the European MINE Tour project, restoration of the tower began in 2019 and included a modern lighting plan to illuminate the structure. The lighting scheme was developed and executed to perfection by Skira Architectural Lighting.

GVA Lighting provided 10 FL200™ MONO flood lights with glare-control accessories, 14 meters (46 ft) of STR9® COLOR CHANGING linear lighting with louvers, and 19 meters (62 ft) of STR9® SLIM MONO luminaires.

As a result, this significant piece of Labin’s history is highlighted for tourists and locals to reminisce on the influence it has had on the region’s past.

Lighting Designer: Skira Architectural Lighting

Photographer: Foto Festival Labin