Lidia Shopping Mall, Rodigo, Italy | STR9® & PS-INF-3000

The firm’s large space was created in the 70’s and has constantly been reshaped and renovated ever since by its creative staff. In this context, international haute couture encounters young designer labels in a blend of tradition, innovation and discovery that can make everyone’s wishes come true.

From important maisons to rising stylists and through women’s, men’s and children’s wear and even accessories, the world of Lidia unfolds, revealing both symbolic items and new trends, in an accurate selection of articles that are proposed season after season in the many corners of the shop.

Just like at Harrods, Colette and Selfridges, the shop consists of a large space, 2000 square metres to explore either alone or accompanied by one of Lidia’s style coaches.

Lidia  is a famous outlet selling hi-end designer clothing, in store or on line at

Lighting Design: effettoluce