Mashreq Headquarters Building, Dubai, UAE


The new Mashreq Headquarters building is a state-of-the-art office edifice located in the Burj Khalifa District in Dubai. This iconic building is host to panoramic executive office spaces, a full-level cafeteria and dining space, an elevated terrace accented with beautiful water features, and a uniquely distinct façade screen.  

Mashreq Bank (currently known as just Mashreq) is one of the largest banks in UAE. Established in 1967, it now has 20 branches in Dubai alone and has a host of branches throughout all the Emirates. Even more reason for its headquarters to be so illustrious.  

Essential and esthetic elements of the Mashreq include lighting from GVA Lighting 

One of the most notable features of the Mashreq building is the exterior façade fins. These are illuminated at night by 1112 units of GVA Lighting’s STR9-RGBW fixtures in a randomized colourful pattern of changing luminaire density from the top to the bottom of the building.  

300mm sections of STR9 fixtures, using RGBW inner mixing quad chip LEDs at 20W per section, using a 12-degree narrow beam emphasize the vertical depth between the individual façade fins.  

The rich, vibrant colour output is augmented by GVA’s proprietary COLOR-AMP® Technology which maximizes the light output for any given colour by continuously using the full power of the fixture. The result is a vivid display of light which powerfully complements the architectural façade panel design. 


Lighting Solution / Local Distribution: 3S Lighting Solutions 

Installation: JTS 

Lighting Designer: ARUP 

Project Consultant: SEED Engineering