McDonald's Corporation, Canada


Established in 1940, McDonald’s Corporation, the esteemed American fast-food enterprise, has evolved significantly over the past 80+ years. From its humble beginnings as a single restaurant, McDonald’s has actively embraced modernity in its design philosophy, implementing fresh architectural concepts through strategic upgrades and updated architectural designs.

Throughout Canada, an instrumental facet of this transformative journey has been the integration of cutting-edge, more sustainable lighting solutions. For almost 15 years, the integration of GVA Lighting luminaires, specifically the widely acclaimed STR9® series, has been a key factor in this endeavor. Despite testing various products on the market, McDonald’s couldn’t find any other luminaire that worked the way they wanted with such precision.

The advanced STR9 luminaires have been meticulously specified for application in just under 1000 McDonald’s restaurants out of the 1400 restaurants in Canada. Over 2/3 of all Canadian McDonald’s are using GVA Lighting products. Beyond mere illumination, these luminaires highlight the modern architectural cladding, contributing significantly to the visual appeal and recognizability of this well-known restaurant chain. The reliability of the STR9s made them the perfect choice for McDonald’s to ensure dependability and longevity in their lighting systems.

The McDonald’s franchise project required custom cantilever brackets to be made, not only to create a safe and proper way to mount the luminaires but the STR9 luminaires themselves are also custom-built. Two different light temperatures are used to enhance different areas of the restaurants and illuminate each in its most aesthetic and brilliant way. 3000 degrees Kelvin is used with narrow beams for the red blades, and 4000 degrees Kelvin is used for the drive-thru clips, including an elliptical beam with no scallops. Each STR9 includes a drop shield over the luminaire.

Credit for the engineering expertise behind these lighting installations goes to Hammerschlag + Joffe Inc., a trusted Canadian engineering consultancy that shapes superior spaces, integrating mechanical and electrical engineering services, providing simple, elegant solutions to help realize creative visions. Turner & Fleisher are the architects tasked with planning the initial two prototypes in Scarborough, Ontario, back in 2008 and have continued to maintain solid relationships with McDonald’s and enhance communities over the years. These two companies have been working with GVA all these years on the McDonald’s restaurants across Canada.

This collaborative initiative between McDonald’s Corporation, Hammerschlag + Joffe Inc., Turner & Fleisher, and GVA Lighting underscores a shared commitment to longevity and excellence, blending aesthetic refinement with technical precision in the realm of modern architecture.

Representative: Rutenberg Sales

Engineers: Hammerschlag + Joffe Inc.

Architects: Turner & Fleisher