Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia | STR9® RGBW with INFINITY® Technology


The Meštrović Pavilion, located in Zagreb, Croatia, stands as an architectural marvel envisioned by the esteemed sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Completed in 1938, this venue was originally conceived as a platform for showcasing Meštrović’s sculptures and artistic creations, blending modernist and neoclassical styles with its clean lines and elegant proportions. The exterior boasts intricate relief sculptures, a testament to Meštrović’s mastery of form and texture, while inside, the gallery space is bathed in natural light, creating an ideal setting for exhibitions.

Today, the Meštrović Pavilion serves as the esteemed home of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU), a cultural beacon that pays homage to King Peter I’s legacy. Conceptualized by Meštrović in 1933, the pavilion has evolved into a dynamic venue for contemporary visual expression, hosting over 40 exhibitions annually. Enhancing its historical and cultural significance, the pavilion is adorned with STR9® RGBW lighting, complemented by 3000K white illumination, powered by our INFINITY® technology. This innovative lighting design, meticulously crafted by Dean Skira of Croatia, brilliantly highlights the pavilion’s architectural beauty while creating a captivating ambiance for its diverse artistic displays.

Managed by the Croatian Association of Artists, the Meštrović Pavilion remains a vital cultural landmark in Zagreb, attracting visitors worldwide to admire its architectural splendor and the rich tapestry of artworks it houses. With its fusion of artistic heritage and modern innovation, the pavilion continues to play a pivotal role in promoting art and culture in Croatia, perpetuating Meštrović’s legacy for generations to come.

Lighting Design: Dean Skira, Croatia

Photography: Roberta Francula