Paparazzi Headquarters, St. George, Utah


Paparazzi Accessories‘ head office is situated in the picturesque city of St. George, Utah. This is about five hours to the Southeast of Salt Lake City and an hour and a half to the Northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in 2011 by sisters Misty and Chani, Paparazzi Accessories was not initially intended to become the national phenomenon it is today. They began with the simple goal of sharing their passion for accessories.  

Now, Paparazzi Accessories has opened a new head office and warehouse which needed a stylish lighting design. The consultant tasked with the lighting scheme for the Paparazzi Headquarters was BNA Consulting, which has offered electrical consulting services in Utah and surrounding states for over four decades. The representative involved is Rocky Mountain Lighting and Controls, which has now merged with Build 26. Between these two companies, the choice to use GVA Lighting STR9 luminaires, distinguished by our award-winning technologies, INFINITY® and COLOR-AMP®, was made. 

The exterior of Paparazzi Headquarters is illuminated using over 120 STR9 color changing linear wall washing and grazing luminaires, known for their superior light emission capacity. These chosen luminaires, once installed, were programmed a vibrant pink color, being the company’s stylish signature brand color.  

Our INFINITY® Technology was instrumental as it is capable of extra-long lighting circuits which were needed to cover most of the extensive outer facade of the warehouse. The vibrancy of the pink hue was achieved through the COLOR-AMP® technology which magnifies light output by up to three times. An added feature of these technologies was the UNIBODY™ Technology which supplies unparalleled year-round protection against external weather elements.  

The company’s founders, couples Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve, are committed to growing the business. Their hands-on leadership aims to make trendy accessories readily accessible to women everywhere. They work closely with their manufacturing partners to design and obtain materials for trendy products that encourage women to take control of their future. 


Consultant: BNA Consulting

Representative: Build 26