Pont Adolphe, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg| STR9® MONO, HL-DL NICHE & HL-COVE Outdoor

GVA is proud to have been the main supplier of the Pont Adolphe bridge, located in heart of Luxembourg City that connects the city over the river Pétrusse. Providing HL DL Niche Infinity to the suspended walkway (Passerelle) and HL COVE Exterior ELV to the tunnels, crossing pedestrians are treated to a fantastic view of the arches. Our STR9® MONO Infinity illuminates arches of Pont Adolphe to create a truly stunning effect.


Lighting Designer: Maria Luisa Guerrieri Gonzaga

Lighting Designer: Architectural Lighting Conception Lumière 

Partner: Sipel Sarl

Photographer: Johannes-Maria Schlorke Fotografie

Awards: LLA Luxembourg Architecture Award 2019 Winner