Putney Bridge, London, England | HIGHLIGHTER® COVE, STR9® MONO & STR9® SLIM MONO

Putney Bridge is a Grade II listed historic structure built in 1886 to span the River Thames. The bridge was designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette and to this day is an important portal to South West London.

Light Bureau, an award-winning lighting firm, developed a new lighting scheme to highlight the stonework details of the bridge and to emphasize its monumental beauty.

GVA Lighting supplied a series of monochromatic linear LED luminaires to illuminate the bridge in a warm 2700K white light. The warm light compliments the history of the architecture and merges with the color of the stonework to create a golden tone.

114 m (374 ft) of STR9® MONO and STR9® SLIM MONO fixtures illuminate the piers and arches of the bridge , while nearly 900 m (2952 ft) of HIGHLIGHTER® COVE, configured with INFINITY® Technology, illuminate the upper and lower bridge pelmets.

Lighting Designer: Light Bureau London

Lighting Contractor, Design Consultant, System Integrator, and DMX Programming: Armadillo Lighting

Photographer: Daniel McGill