PXL Gallery, Vaughan, Ontario


Experience PXL Gallery, Canada’s Largest Low Resolution Art Installation at SmartVMC; a fusion of art, technology, and architecture.

Immerse yourself in the artistic fusion of technology, architecture, and imagination at Canada’s largest low-resolution art installation – PXL Gallery. Situated in the SmartVMC District in Vaughan, this 10,000 square foot permanent exhibit features a rotating selection of moving artwork crafted by world-renowned digital artists.

Designed by Diamond Schmitt in collaboration with SmartCentres, Studio F Minus, and Mulvey & Banani Lighting, the PXL Gallery adorns the Transit City 3 tower and conceals a six-storey parking structure using GVA Lighting Pixel-TW luminaires. The fourth wall, facing the transit square, becomes a canvas for innovative digital art installations, marrying LED technology, glass, frit patterns, and input standards.

The team did ample testing to ensure that the gallery’s infrastructure was well-equipped to support such creative expression. In recent years, digital art has become a popular medium due to its practicality and flexibility, allowing artists to make a worldwide impact. The PXL Gallery’s dynamic digital capabilities mean that exhibits can rotate on-demand.

With equal access for all, including commuters, residents, and visitors, the PXL Gallery is a beacon of creativity and light, visible from the SmartVMC Bus Terminal and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre TTC subway station. This permanent art installation stands as a testament to the crucial role that public art plays in enriching the cultural life of any city.

Architect: Diamond Schmitt