Roundabout Šijana, Pula, Croatia | STR9® RGBW

People who are visiting Sijana neighborhood of Pula are bound to have a pleasant surprise. On the very entrance to the area, a unique roundabout has been recently opened. Unlike typical traffic solutions of the kind, this one actually has a rather high artistic value.

It features no less than 340 stick-like mechanicals, which release water steam at various angles. Coupled with wind, light and computer system, the whole site becomes an original outdoor art gallery, as colors and shapes change every second.

Authored by Dean Skira, Dino Krizmanic and Leonid Zuban this piece of land art will surely contribute to already impressive Pula sceneries. The Istrian town has already been widely recognized thanks to its ancient Roman Amphitheater and large, illuminated cranes in the shipyard. With this addition, Pula is bound to be even more pleasant both to its residents and their foreign visitors.


Lighting Design: SKIRA Architectural Lighting Design

Supplier: Lumenart

Photography: Danijel Bartolić