Salina Municipal Water Works, Salina, USA | IP-SF-3™

As a part of the City of Salina, Kansas’s initiative to incorporate the arts into the city’s growth and development a number of arts projects have been undertaken to increase the functional and visual appeal of the city’s infrastructure. One such project is an art installation on Salina’s water treatment facility at the municipal water works.

Kent Williams Engineering designed and installed a series of steel cutouts in the shape of tree branches to adorn the exterior surface of the water treatment plant’s tanks. The artistic installations add visual interest to an otherwise uninteresting structure.

At night the tank sculptures takes on a new life when GVA’s IP-SF LED modules create a brilliant blue glow behind each cutout. The cutouts are mounted several centimeters off the tank’s exterior surface and the IP-SF modules are secured facing the tank. Each Module shines a deep blue light onto the concrete tank creating a stunning halo effect and transforming the sculpture into a beautiful backlit silhouette.