Svindersvik Bridge, Nacka, Sweden | STR9® RGB & PS-INF-3000

The Svindersvik bridge, which links the archipelago near Kvarnholmen and Nacka city, imitates the form of two wedding rings when the semi-circles are reflected in the water. The imagery is symbolic of the ties between the communities and their connection to the waterways. The area has become extremely popular in recent years for its accessibility, flourishing businesses, modern housing developments, and its proximity to natural spaces.

STR9® Color-Changing luminaires with a custom LED color combination of amber, blue and 4000K white were selected to create a natural palette that mimicked the complimentary colors of dawn and dusk. Specific tones of light gray paint were selected for the bridge to get the optimal color effect from the lighting on the undersides of the arches. ÅF Lighting design team even pre-programmed the lighting effects to compliment the colors in the sky depending on the time of day and the time of year based on a solar study.

With angling brackets and configurable 15° x 60° elliptical optical distribution the STR9® light beams could be directed precisely across the arches of the bridge to significantly reduce light pollution. Additionally, custom louvers with adjustable openings hide the light source from users of the bridge and wildlife in the surrounding area.

The STR9® luminaires are configured for 380VDC INFINITY® Technology to allow for extremely long lighting runs so that the entire bridge could be powered by a single power source. This technology simplifies the installation saving time and money and eliminates the need to create multiple mounting points across the bridge for power supplies, keeping the architectural design pure.

With the array of configurable options offered with GVA Lighting’s STR9® luminaires and the ability to customize LED colors and louvers the ÅF lighting design team was able to create a practical lighting design that did not compromise on aesthetic.

Lighting Designer: ÅF Lighting Designers

Partner: Rebel Light

Photographer: Olof Thiel