The Hotel Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium | HL DL NICHE

Positioned amidst high-end fashion labels and small boutiques is The Hotel. Overlooking Avenue Louise in Brussels’ fashion district, it distinguishes itself as more than just any hotel in Brussels; it is The Hotel. Renowned for its discerning eye for style, this establishment stands as a testament to sophistication and elegance.

The Hotel is a luxury hotel known for its modern and stylish design, offering upscale accommodation and amenities. It was designed by the famous French designer Antoine Pinto. Pinto is known for his work in interior design, and he played a significant role in creating the distinctive and luxurious atmosphere. This opulent destination is situated near the Avenue Louise, a popular shopping and business district in Brussels.

The hotel boasts panoramic views of the city and provides a range of services, including well-appointed rooms, meeting and event spaces, a fitness center, and dining options. The hotel’s design often incorporates contemporary elements, and it has garnered positive reviews for its comfort and hospitality.

Over 200m (656 ft) of HL RGBW luminaires were installed at The Hotel Bruxelles on the exclusive Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels, Belgium. It is one of the most widely recognized high-rises of the Brussels skyline, one of the highest public viewpoints in the city at 94m (308 ft) tall.

The RGBW color changing HL® Series modules are IP66 rated and installed with GVA’s sleek Niche mounting profile. This means that the lighting is flush with the walls with no protrusion giving symmetry and balance to the front of the building. The entire project is powered by just two INFINITY® power supplies which allow for extremely long lighting runs with minimal façade penetrations and reduced installation time and cost.


Architect: Michel Penneman & George Hirsch Architects

Installer: WiiZZ Technics SRL

Partner: Euroka SRL