The Stamford Parking Garage, Stamford, Connecticut

The Stamford Parking Garage, situated in Stamford, Connecticut, stands as a remarkable structure boasting 928 parking spaces across seven levels on South State Street. Noteworthy features of this project include a 320-foot pedestrian bridge spanning Washington Boulevard, seamlessly connecting the garage to the Stamford Transportation Center (STC). To enhance accessibility, elevators and stairs link the garage to the Track 5 platform.

In a commitment to sustainable practices, the garage accommodates 93 electric vehicle parking spaces and offers 100 bike parking spaces, including 50 electric bike charging stations. The facility also houses a centralized STC parking management space with a customer counter, contributing to streamlined operations. The building integrates photovoltaics for on-site energy production, aligning with modern green initiatives. The beautiful and innovative lighting design comes from Domingo Gonzalez Associates. Boasting an impressive integration of 9,820 feet of HL luminaires from GVA Lighting, the project utilizes over 4,500 luminaires to illuminate its exterior. These luminaires, strategically placed along the textured facade panels embellished with captivating wave patterns, showcase the garage’s unique aesthetic. Equipped with RGBW capabilities, these luminaires offer a dynamic display of colors, elevating the structure’s visual appeal. As they gracefully weave through the metal barricade wall, they not only provide illumination but also serve as artistic elements, enhancing the garage’s ambiance. Their presence not only illuminates but also transforms the Stamford Parking Garage into a distinguished landmark within the community, embodying both functionality and creativity in architectural lighting design.

The Stamford Parking Garage stands as a testament to innovative design and functionality, seamlessly blending architectural charm with modern technology. Executing this design-build project under the CTDOT’s Alternative Project Delivery program, the Yonkers Contracting Company serves as the designated design-build contractor.

Lighting Designer: Domingo Gonzalez Associates

Specification Representative: Dulanski Group

Location Representative: illuminate

Contractor: Yonkers Contracting Company