Lyric Theatre Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada | HL-COVE RGB & PS-INF-3000

The Toronto Centre for the Arts, formerly called the North York Performing Arts Centre has been a primary venue for musicals, theatre productions and other performing arts in Toronto, Ontario since 1993.

It originally housed three theatres: the Main Stage Theatre with 1,727 seats, the George Weston Recital Hall with 1,036 seats, and the multi-purpose, 200-seat Studio Theatre. Since 2014, there were a series of renovations that divided the Main Stage into two smaller theatres called the The Greenwin Theatre and the Lyric Theatre.

The Lyric theatre was chosen to have custom made chevrons surrounding the audience seating area with our HL-COVE RGB fixtures installed inside of them. These chevrons are serving double duty acting as sound absorbers as well as light boxes. GVA Lighting supplied almost 900ft worth of linear lighting powered with just two INIFNITY® power supplies. You can find more details about this project in the video below.

Venue: Toronto Centre for the Arts

Lighting Design: Ion Luh 

Lighting Design: Crossey Engineering Ltd.

Architecture: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Construction Management: Gillam Group

Panel Manufacturing: Eventscape

Video credit: Gillam Group