US Pavilion, Spokane, USA | HL-DL

Home to the World Expo 1974, the Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane draws tourists from near and far. Originally a tented structure, the pavilion’s cover was removed in 1979, leaving behind the structural mesh. As the key visual attraction of the city’s renovation, 479 custom Hightlighter® fixtures of various lengths were mounted on to the pavilion to re-engage the pavilion with the general public.

GVA’s COLORAMP® ensured maximum brightness by utilizing all of 5W per ft of power at all times as the RGBW color changes from single colors to color mixes. INFINITY® technology allowed for hundreds of ft of lighting circuit with power and data integrated into one daisychained circuit.

Special thanks to J.C. Wright Lighting for connecting everyone together.

General Contractor: Garco Construction

Electrical Contractor: Power City Electric

Engineer: NAC Engineering

Architect & Lighting Design: NAC Architecture

Controls: ETC