US Pavilion, Spokane, USA | HL-DL

Home to the World Expo 1974, the Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane draws tourists from near and far. Originally a tented structure, the pavilion’s cover was removed in 1979, leaving behind the structural mesh. As the key visual attraction of the city’s renovation, 479 custom Hightlighter® fixtures of various lengths were mounted on to the pavilion to re-engage the pavilion with the general public.

GVA’s COLORAMP® ensured maximum brightness by utilizing all of 5W per ft of power at all times as the RGBW color changes from single colors to color mixes. INFINITY® technology allowed for hundreds of ft of lighting circuit with power and data integrated into one daisychained circuit.

Special thanks to J.C. Wright Lighting for connecting everyone together.

The Riverfront Park Pavilion in Spokane Washington received the Outdoor Lighting Design Award of Distinction and the Control Innovation Award of Excellence in the IES 2020 Illumination Awards.

General Contractor: Garco Construction

Electrical Contractor: Power City Electric

Engineer: NAC Engineering

Architect & Lighting Design: NAC Architecture

Controls: ETC