Wandsworth Town Railway Station Bridge, Old York Road, London, UK


Wandsworth Town Railway Station Bridge is a popular route for many commuters, pedestrians, and cyclists in the local area. When the Wandsworth borough underwent upgrades across transport and travel, this included the refurbishment of the Wandsworth Town Railway Station Bridge, located on Old York Road. 

What did this rejuvenation entail? The bridge was jet-washed, the walls renewed, the drainage improved, and the bridge panels were replaced and repainted. Yet, the greatest showpiece of the renovation comes from the installation of a new lighting scheme, courtesy of Armadillo Lighting. 

Armadillo Lighting wore many hats for this project and acted as the Lighting Contractor, Design Consultant, System Integrator, and DMX Programming. The lighting design incorporates a color wash lighting system that is programmed and controlled remotely. Armadillo Lighting chose to work with GVA Lighting to achieve the desired effect and chose STR9s as the right luminaires for the job.

The STR9 is a color changing linear wall washing and grazing exterior LED lighting. STR9 offers a variety of LED color combinations, RGBA, RGB, or RGBW30K, and COLOR-AMP technology allows up to 3x higher light output.  

The luminaires that were chosen are controlled via DMX, using a Pharos Architectural Controls controller, enhancing the bridge’s appearance through an illuminated color cascade that lights up the bridge in different colors. The bridge can be controlled to be washed in various colors to add an ambience and attractiveness to the area, as well as marking special events and awareness days through certain color schemes. 

The refurbishment of the bridge and the new innovative lighting scheme have created a well-lit, welcome, and safer commuting journey for pedestrians. The bridge is now an enhanced local landmark and a visually attractive structure and enhances the visual aesthetic of the entire street. 

Lighting Contractor, Designer, System Integrator and DMX Programming: Armadillo LED Lighting

Photography: Ed Hasler