Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Revitalising an Architectural Treasure – Wheeling Suspension Bridge

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is a US National Historic Landmark. It stretches across the Ohio River, linking Wheeling Island to the city of Wheeling. Designed by engineer Charles Ellet Jr., it was completed in 1849. At the time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a main span of 1,010 feet.

The bridge is a proud symbol of 19th-century innovation and engineering. Its elegant design, featuring iron chains, wire cables, and stone towers, stands as a testament to the era’s architectural prowess. It primarily serves pedestrians and light vehicles – continuing to charm locals and visitors alike with its historical significance and timeless beauty.

The lighting installation of the bridge is a part of the 17 million USD repair and rehabilitation project by the West Virginia Division of Highways. In collaboration with sales representative Robert S. Kimball Associates, Inc., we provided these products for this project:

· 5,338 Linear feet of HIGHLIGHTER® in HL-DL configuration with FLAT Diffusers MONO 3000K luminaries featuring custom cable mounting brackets

· 2,515 Linear feet of STR9® MONO 3000K luminaries

· 16x LIRA® MONO 3000K

· 8x INFINITY® 6kW Power Supplies

The dead load of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge has been reduced thanks to GVA’s INFINITY® technology which installs a centralized power supply system off the main bridge. With this technology we have also minimizes installation complexity and simplifies future maintenance.

Our COLOR-AMP® technology delivers up to 3X the lumen output at the same power level compared to traditional luminaires. This allows for fewer luminaires to be installed while achieving superior performance and results, ultimately reducing potential costs.

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is set to reopen to the public in fall 2024.

Client: West Virginia Division of Highways

Rehabilitation Project Contractor: Advantage Steel and Construction

GVA Representative : Robert S. Kimball Associates, Inc