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The Hedera LIV is a next-generation LED slim fixture to minimize shadow in greenhouses that provides maximum light uniformity across the top of the canopy. Passive thermal management comes from an anodized extruded aluminum housing. The fixture is fully washable, sprayable and scrubbable thanks to its innovative design with minimum IP66 sealing. The Hedera LIV can withstand washing, disinfecting, and even vaporized sulfur in any commercial agricultural environment.

Our all-purpose spectrum is full spectrum white light for visual inspection and a comfortable work environment, ample blue light for vegetative growth and tight nodal spacing with minimal plant stretch, fair amounts of green light for canopy penetration and lots of supplemental red for large healthy flowers, fruits or herbs.

Hedera LIV has fully customizable light output. Contact us for a quote if you have any custom light recipe, including UV and far red.



  • Linear form factor means that every plant will get even amount of light.
  • 60° Optic ensures that all available light is directed towards the plants and not wasted by lighting up the room.
  • Passive heatsink increases reliability as well as enables easy cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Optically clear tempered glass is not only safe on impact, it can also be easily cleaned.
  • Using the sun as inspiration, Hedera LIV comes standard with an all-purpose, full spectrum white light.
  • Fixtures are built to the IP66 standard making them pressure washable and scrubbable.


  • Two fixture types:
    • Standard with a fully customizable spectrum
    • Smart with 3 adjustable color channels controlled by a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Several form factors:
    • 900mm fixture, 180W
    • 1200mm fixture, 240W
    • Custom lengths available
    • Options for hanging multiple fixtures at once are available for decreased setup and teardown times in large installations
  • Power Draw: 60W per 300mm
  • Fully tunable light spectrum with three individually controllable color channels per fixture*
  • Light output is fully customizable to meet any grower’s needs
  • Works with several input voltages:
    • 120VAC
    • 208VAC
    • 240VAC
    • 277VAC
    • 347VAC
  • Communication is done using our horticultural networking, or Hornet protocol, which can control over 65,000 fixtures on a single low-cost network.
    • Fixtures have their own address.
    • Fixtures can also be grouped into a row and a room, allowing entire rows or rooms to be controlled in unison. All fixtures on the network can be controlled at once as well.
    • Hornet can easily be integrated into a variety of building management systems, enabling automation of vast spaces with ease.

*Smart Fixture Only

For more information, please visit https://linnaeuslighting.com

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