The Hedera LIV is a next generation LED slim fixture to minimize shadow in greenhouses that provides maximum light uniformity across the top of the canopy. Passive thermal management comes from an anodized extruded aluminum housing. The fixture is fully washable, sprayable and scrubable thanks to its innovative design with a minimum IP66 sealing. The Hedera LIV can withstand washing and disinfecting in any commercial environment.


  • 50-60 Watts per 300mm
  • Slim, linear fixture
  • Three individually controllable color channels per PCB
  • Default is full spectrum white with supplemental red
  • Fully tunable light spectrum
  • IP66 washable and scrubbable


  • ELV fixture,
  • 48VDC input.
  • 60W per 300mm.


  • Galvanically isolated data lines enable 65000 fixtures to be connected by communications transceiver, giving the customer a secure communications channel for their investment.
  • Differential data signal means high noise immunity for reliable data communications.

PAR Output

  • 126 µmol/s per 300mm, peak of 600 µmol/ m2 s from a hanging height of 18 inches

Spectral Output

  • Customizable for client.
  • Default is full spectrum white with supplemental red. Individually controllable color channels.


  • From 2.1 µmol/J for full spectrum white with red, up to 3 µmol/J for red + blue.
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