Miniature bracket mount LED spot light for architectural or landscape lighting


  • COLOR-AMP® technology allows up to three times higher light output in specific colors
  • Fully sealed body design
  • Machined and architectural anodized aluminum body
  • Optically clear tempered glass
  • Leader cable with proprietary moisture blocking design
  • Compact size, only 73mm (2.9in) in diameter
  • Highly adjustable with 360° horizontal and 200º vertical rotation


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  • Color changing quad chip LED package (no color separation)
  • Beam angles ranging from 10° to 90° with elliptical distribution options
  • Optical accessories for glare control
  • Black matte and clear matte andodized colors
  • Range of bracket lengths
  • Outdoor cable option suitable for outdoor exposed runs or outdoor burial cable option suitable for outdoor exposed runs and direct burial (landscape applications)

Product Status

Product Newly Introduced



Product is built to meet safety standards


10 - 10°X10°
20 - 20°X20°
40° - 40°X40°
60° - 60°X60°
80° - 80°X80°
90° - 90°X90°
10X40 - Horizontal 10°X40°
40X10 - Vertical 40°X10°
10X60 - Vertical 10°X60°
60X10 - Vertical 60°X10°
30X60 - Vertical 30°X60°
60X30 - Vertical 60°X30°