Power-Data Converter Generation 5

PDC5 are Power-Data Converters designed for lighting circuits with a new generation of GVA Lighting’s luminaires of Color-Stream® Product Platform: HL4, STR9-G4, FL-G2 series. PDC5s convert industry standard communication protocols, such as Art-Net 4, sACN, DMX-512A, DALI / DALI 2 or 0~10V from third party control systems into the GVA’s proprietary Color-Stream® (CS) communication protocol. The CS data combines inside PDC5 with the input power for a connection to leader cables.


•   INFINITY® 380V DC or a full range 120~277V AC input/output power options
•   Wide choice in supported incoming communication protocols: Art-Net 4, sACN, DMX-512A, DALI / DALI 2 or 0~10V
•   Standard RJ45 data connections for Ethernet type of communication protocols: Art-Net 4 or sACN
•   Tool-less power and data wire connections for DMX, DALI and 0~10V versions
•   Fiber-optic data connection option for extremely long cable distances from a data source (SFP moduls, LC connector, 155 Mbps) (under development)
•   Enhanced built-in surge protection for output circuits: 6KV/3KA is a standard protection level, with an option to increase it to 10KV/5KA or 20KV/10KA for higher lightning and industrial surge protection
•   Power and incoming Data Through-Wiring options
•   Up to two Power/Data Outputs for flexible field installations
•   Remote disconnection of each individual power output (AC Model)
•   Field-replaceable output power fuses
•   Future-proof high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M7 32-bit microcontroller-based communication and power management circuitry inside
•   5.7kV rms signal and power isolated DMX transceivers
•   The Color-Stream® (CS) Data is fully galvanically isolated from external communication network and protected from power cross
•   Remote monitoring of temperature inside PDC5 and inside each connected luminaire, relative humidity inside PDC5, current per each power output.
•   Remote PDC5 firmware updates and connected luminaires firmware updates through Ethernet connection
•   Automatic luminaires discovery and addressing
•   USB-C connector for easy firmware updates, system commissioning and troubleshooting
•   External “power-on” LED indicator for additional safety
•   On-board 4-8 bi-color LED indicators for communication status visibility
•   Switchable on-board DMX bus terminator (for 1DMX version)
•   IP66 rated aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor use
•   Gray finish
•   Compact size


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