PST-INF is an efficient and reliable AC to DC power system tower developed for GVA's INFINITY® Technology, intended for large-scale lighting applications. A flexible and modular design enables deployment in a variety of site configurations and allows for scalable buildouts to avoid stranded capacity.


  • Based on state-of-art, high AC/DC power conversion efficiency (up to 96.2%), switch-mode 3kW rectifiers with a full galvanic isolation
  • Scalable in 3kW increments, field expandable
  • Up to 96kW total capacity (32 rectifiers) per one power tower
  • Smart full system parameter control and monitoring system via built-in display or remotely via WEB, MODBUS, SNMP protocols or email
  • Input voltages: 230/400 V AC 3 phase (Y); 230 V AC 3 phase (Δ); 230 V AC Single phase; 277/480 V 3 phase (Y)
  • Output voltage: 380 V DC (nominal), range 300 V DC – 400 V DC
  • Multiple protection at input and output: Ground Fault Detection, overvoltage shutdown, inrush current limiting, short circuit
  • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D): 600 mm x 1,786 mm x 1,000 mm (23.6 in x 70.3 in x 39.4 in)
  • Indoor and Outdoor use


Specification Sheet