Limelight Condominiums

Limelight Condominiums / Mississauga, ON / Canada | STR9© RGB

Limelight Condominiums, Mississauga, feature two 32 and 22 storey buildings developed by the Daniels Corporation and designed by Kirkor Architects. . The glass-clad modern towers feature a uniquely patterned six-storey podium complete with an illuminated green beacon of light at the top. The innovative approach to the namesake green lighting system includes fifty-one STR9®-RGB luminaires specified by Rutenburg sales. The twin roof lines illuminate the night sky in the downtown core, classifying Limelight Condos as a recognizable feature of the Mississauga cityscape and also reflecting the responsibility in the condos design. The STR9®-RGBs were programmed to display dynamic tones of green using DMX512-A programming, allowing for limitless colour changing effects. GVA Lighting’s STR9®-RBG is a high power LED luminaire designed for wall washing and grazing, with typical applications including façade lighting, retail and cove lighting. With no visible fasteners and its compact size, the STR9®-RBC provided a clean looking installation at Limelight Condos. GVA’s proprietary sealing process makes the STR9®-RGB totally weatherproof to harsh Canadian winters and it is IP66 rated.

Engineering: O’Neil Electric
Design: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc


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