PLDC 2013

PLDC 2013 / Copenhagen / Denmark

GVA Lighting exhibited at PLDC 2013 Copenhagen, October 31st-Nov 2nd. The proprietary INFINITY™ technology was showcased, developed for architectural delineation of skyscrapers, bridges, long coves in airports and malls or for wall washing and grazing of long facades. We also successfully demonstrated our STR9® All-NEW Monochromatic & STR9® All-New RGB as well as our latest developments in LED lighting, including the Highlighter® HL-COVE & Highlighter® HL-DL, and new Power-Data Equipment. PLDC is the largest Convention on Lighting Design in the world and prides itself on the quality of its contents and the trends it inspires. PLDC 2015 will take place in Rome, Italy.
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