Red October Chocolate Factory

Red October Chocolate Factory / Moscow / Russian Federation | STR9© RGB, FL™ RGB

The Red October Chocolate Factory (known as Einem before the 1917 Revolution) was founded in 1867 and is situated in the very centre of Moscow, on the Bersenevskaya Embankment of the Moskva River. It sits across the river from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Russian: Храм Христа Спасителя) and the Kremlin, and directly beside the statue of Peter the Great.

The iconic red brick facade of this architectural landmark is unmistakable during the day and required a complimentary look during the night. The owner and the architect chose GVA Lighting’s STR9®-RGB and FL™-RGB color changing LED fixtures and controls to illuminate the facade. More than 100 fixtures were supplied by GVA Lighting’s factory in Belarus and are installed to up-light several key portions of the facade.

GVA Lighting continues to contribute to architectural excellence by sticking to our motto: Creating New Beauty for Our Home Planet.

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